Jewel Newsome
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Hi! My Name is Jewel

and I’m a writer, speaker, helper, investor, traveler, optimist, & mom.

Let me make your life easier.

While I’m a military-trained Human Resources Specialist, I deeply enjoy using my skills & experience to help others achieve their goals, collaborate on projects & ideas, and work towards happiness.

Experience has taught me to strive for happiness in every aspect of my life. I’ve learned a great deal about sacrifice, discomfort, and the things we must temporarily endure to get to lasting happiness & contentment. At least once a year, I speak with high schoolers and peers about these things and more.

Just a few things I do are:

Public speaking, Administrative Assistance, assist with life, career, & goal planning, and invest in promising businesses, ideas, and dreams.

I also assist with time management & scheduling, travel & booking, and more.